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Parish Pastoral Plan




Diocese of Victoria

Trinity Catholic Parish Pastoral Plan

Nanaimo, BC

September 2011 to August 2014


The following four Core Priorities are either new initiatives recently pursued and underway since September or are planned for initiation in the coming months.  The fifth Core Priority contains new Actions.  While they are listed in order of voted priority, the second priority—Promote Community—is the least developed, and likely to be launched later this year or early next year.


Core Priority A:     Youth and Young Adults



·         Have more young parents (ages 20–40+) come to Church.

·         Have more youth and young adults attend Mass regularly and participate in other parish activities.

·         Retain the youth already active in the Parish.

·         Create an environment that is attractive to young families including: parents, youth, and young adults.

·         Foster a sense of ‘service’ and character building in our youth.


Actions under consideration:

·         Develop a Core Youth Team (youth members and others to guide).

·         Hold a family contemporary Mass – and social time either before or after Mass.

·         Develop a Social Club

·         Host Sport Nights

·         Host Dances/Learn to Dance

·         Host Movie/Pizza Nights

·         Encourage participation in social justice/outreach activities

·         Support World Youth Day &/or WE Day - attendance/contest for youth (age 16+)

·         Praise & worship night

·         Consider social media usage – increase usage.

·         Programs – Purity/other topics of interest

·         Set up a Youth Notice Board


Core Priority B:     Promote Community



·         Promote our responsibility to practice hospitality, caring, and welcoming at Mass.

·         Improve Communication.

·         Increase participation of parishioners in parish life.



·         Use different methods of communicating.

·         Hold an Annual lunch.

·         Hold an Annual Parish Meeting.

·         Prepare a welcome package for new parishioners – including a registration form and information about various parish ministries and groups.


Core Priority C:     Ecumenism



·         Trinity Catholic desires the ecumenical relationship we enjoy with Trinity United to survive and thrive.

·         Trinity Catholic desires the business partnership we have with Trinity United to continue as well.

·         Find new areas in which our two communities can share.

·         Increase common understanding.



·         Meet with Trinity United at various levels: to explore and further develop areas of common interest, to enhance understanding, and to strengthen bonds.

·                                 Formally invite Trinity United to TC socials (eg Pancake Breakfast, spring and fall

socials, Christmas dinner, July 1st Picnic).

·         Invite TU youth to TC youth socials.

·         Look for opportunities where TC & TU can have joint religious celebrations.


Core Priority D:    Pastoral Care



·         Offer spiritual comfort and solace to the infirm and distressed in our faith community.

·         Increase awareness of the existence and services of the Pastoral Care Ministry.

·         Invite and encourage parishioners to join the Communion and Funeral Ministries.

·         Expand Pastoral Care to include a Visiting Ministry.



·         Make a monthly pulpit announcement at all Masses  to raise awareness as to the availability of the Pastoral Care Ministry

·         Continue communication with K of C regarding rides to Mass for home bound.

·         Assemble a directory of pertinent services available to home bound people.

·         Bereavement cards with invitation to access Pastoral Care Ministry for spiritual and emotional support be mailed on a bi-monthly basis to families who have lost loved ones in that period.

·         Hold a special service on All Souls Day for those whose loved one(s) are recently departed or suffering loss.  Service to be followed by social get together.

·         Establish a yearly retreat for volunteers of Pastoral Care Ministry.


Core Priority E:     Social Justice and Outreach



·         Offer support to the poor and disadvantaged in our local community



·         Continue to support the work of the St. Vincent de Paul Society, the Knights of Columbus, the Trinity Catholic Ladies Group, and other groups that help the disadvantaged in our local community.

·         Encourage these groups to more directly communicate their efforts to parishioners.

·         Arrange for the inclusion of a SVDP envelop in with the Sunday collection envelopes.


Other Core Priorities to be developed later:

·         Promote Faith and Understanding


Pastor:        Fr. Jozef Kobos, SDS

Parish Pastoral Council Chair:   Cathy Brzoza

Date:                   5 March 2015



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