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This calendar will open in December 2021.
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Please ensure that we have your correct mailing address to send your tax receipts to in the New Year.


All Parishioners have the ability to register online to view the current contact information we hold for each family.


Please go to the following website and register as a ‘new user’, so you are able to view this information and update it if necessary. https:// v i c t o r i a b c . p a r i s h s o f t f a m i l y s u i t e . c o m / Default.aspx. Once you register, your account will be linked up to the information we hold within our database.


For help in navigating the website, or with how to register, please watch the videos linked below.

We are the first church within the Victoria Diocese to begin rolling out this program to our parishioners, please contact the office if you have any questions.


My Own Church Member Registration https:// vimeo.com/102551875 


My Own Church Member Navigation https:// vimeo.com/103550025



Ed and Doris Landry are again collecting refundable bottles, cans and cartons etc. for the Youth Group sponsored child through Chalice.

Your refundable items are greatly appreciated. 


Please DO NOT place your refundable items in the box outside as it appears someone else is taking them; instead please call Ed and Doris through the office to make arrangements with you regarding the drop off location.


Please DO NOT donate any items that are non-refundable, i.e. dairy containers, jars, laundry soap containers etc. only the items that are charged a deposit at the time of purchase are acceptable.


Thank you for helping the Youth Group to support Joseph and his family!





Recently I have recognized that some of our parishioners who have passed away are not receiving a catholic funeral, this appears to be due to the fact that the family members are unaware of its necessity.


Your body is a temple of God as we receive Jesus in holy communion, in baptism we are welcomed to the church and towards the end of life I encourage people to receive the last rite sacraments.


Parents, put in your Will clearly that you want to have a funeral in the church after you die, because many children today cannot understand why you want it and after you are gone it is too late, there will be no funeral in the church for you. It is my duty as a Pastor of this church to remind you and encourage you to make your funeral plans known.


God bless you all. 



Please note that envelope numbers may be reassigned in a new year so it is advisable to write your name on the first envelope used in a new year, and to only use envelopes in the year printed on them.


This also applies to Society of Saint Vincent de Paul  envelopes. 


If using another churches envelope, but intending the donation for Trinity, 

please cross out the envelope number

and write your name, address, and phone number

on the envelope.


Thank you for your help with this!


Spam which appears to be from a credible source within our community is starting to filer its way into our community.


Before responding please check the email address it has been sent from.


If being asked for money please know that the church would never send a personal email requesting help in purchasing gift cards etc.

Always follow up with a phone call to the person

it appears the email is from for confirmation.


You could block the email address but that doesn’t stop them from creating another account and trying again in the future.

You can also report a Gmail user who has sent messages that are spam through the following link https://support.google.com/mail/contact/abuse?hl+en.


I believe that the members receiving these emails have had their email addresses posted in our weekly inserts which are available to view through our website. I am immediately deleting all inserts from the website and moving forward email addresses will not be posted within the inserts.



The Victoria hospital currently has no onsite Spiritual Care employee, and

there is no notification at this time of Catholic patients to the Catholic Hospital Chaplain (Fr. Thomas).


This means that if you know of someone in the hospital who would like to receive Holy Communion or even a prayerful visit, it is imperative that you let your parish office know. They will then contact Father Thomas, the Catholic Hospital Chaplain for visits and he will further communicate to the outreach Eucharistic volunteers.


We would like to make sure patients don't miss

the opportunity of Holy Communion at a time when they may need it the most. 


Are you aware we have some wonderful reading materials,

both for adults and children,
for you to borrow,

they are located in room 214.


If you are involved in Parish Ministries there are a wide variety of

resources available for you located in the back office, room #203.

Please remember to sign out and bring back.


Please note that there are

2 parking spaces that are reserved for our clergy 24-7.

These are located in the east parking lot

at the corner of the church.
Please respect their space and park elsewhere.




for congregation members who are unable to physically make it to the altar for communion.


Eucharistic Ministers will bring communion to people in the back row,

which will be reserved for those who find it difficult to stand and wait in line.

For those of you who are able bodied, please refrain from sitting in the reserved row.


Thank you for your cooperation. 



If you are finding it hard to hear during the weekend Masses in the Sanctuary

try sitting in the middle row, in the middle of the sanctuary.

Depending on the type of hearing aid you have this could improve the sound quality for you.

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